About Our Domain Name Dispute Search Engine

Domain Fight™ was launched by USpeakWeType Technologies, LLC to solve a fundamental problem faced by both Complainant and Respondents involved in domain name and cybersquatting disputes under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). There is no way to search both WIPO and NAF panel decisions from a single search tool. Domain Fight™ solves this problem and is the only tool on the internet which searches both the WIPO and NAF domain dispute databases.

Practical Applications:

I want to see if the registrant who I believe is cybersquatting my domain name has ever been named in a UDRP arbitration proceeding before? Toggle “registrant” on the search bar and enter the registrant whois data. Domain Fight™ will return results from both WIPO and NAF of each instance where the alleged cybersquatter was named as a respondent, whether the domain was transferred, the domain transfer was denied or whether the claim was dismissed.

I want to see if the person who has accused me of cybersquatting has a “reverse domain name hijacking” decision against the Domain Fight™ allows you to search by “Complainant” as well.

Other supported searches:

  • Full Text
  • Complainant
  • Registrant
  • Domain Name / URL
  • Case Number

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